Junejo is the name of a Samma Sindhi Rajput tribe in Sindh and in some parts of India mostly in Rajasthan. Among the Sindhi Hindu community Juneja is a common surname and many Juneja people originally from Sindh migrated to India during the independence in 1947. Junejo are also known as Jam in some circles. They are mostly involved in agriculture-related industries and the political arena.


Junejos were the descendants of Jam Juno, brother of Jam Tamachi also an avid lover of Noori (Sindhi folklore, see Noori Jam Tamachi) who became King of Sindh after Jam Tamachi. Jam Tamachi and Jam Juno fought and those who were in favour (sons and followers alike) of Jam Juno came to be known as Junejo. Junejo literally means Sons of Juno; Jo means 'of' in Sindhi and June refers to 'Jam Juno' meaning descendants of Jam Juno, they belonged originally to Dadu, Thatta and Badin side. Jam Sunjar was king of Sindh and his direct family history connects to Junejo tribe.


They are largely located in the Sindh province in vicinities of districts: Juno tribe Kazi Ahmed District Nawabshah, Sanghar, Hyderabad, Larkana, Ubaro, Badin, Thatha, Rajhistan India, Juna Garh India, sukkur, Kando Wahan Shikarpur, Sanghar, Sindhri, Larkana, Dadu, Badin, Mirpurkhas, Tharparkar Nashahro feroze and Thatta District.

Prominent Junejo Families

The members of Junejo families in politics:
• Raees-Ul-Muhajireen Barrister Jan Muhammad Junejo - Leader of the Khilafat Tehreek.
• Khan Bahadur Mohammad Hayat Junejo
• Ghulam Rasool Junejo - Former District Council Chairman, Tharparker
• Mohammad Khan Junejo Former Prime Minister of Pakistan
• Jam Sadiq Ali - Former Chief Minister Sindh
• Sarfaraz Ali Junejo- Taluka Nazim Sindhri, Mirpurkhas
• Chakar Ali Khan Junejo - Former Ambassador MPA
• Shahnawaz Khan Junejo - Former Federal Minister, MNA and Senator
• Roshan Junejo – MNA
• Khursheed Ahmed Junejo , Ambassador for Abu-Dabi
• Amir Bux Khan Junejo Ex-MPA
• Asad Khan Junejo s/o Muhammad Khan Junejo Former Prime Minister of PAKISTAN
• Mrs. Fiza Junejo former Senator

Notable peoples

Raees-Ul-Muhajireen Barrister Jan Muhammad Junejo - Leader of the Khilafat Tehreek. Mohammad Khan Junejo Former Prime Minister Jam Sadiq Ali - Former Chief Minister Sindh Among prominent personalities are former MNA Senator and federal Minister Wadera Shahnawaz Khan Junejo – Mr.Khursheed Ahmed Junejo (sitting Ambassador for abu-Dabi) * Mr.Zulifiquar Ali Khan Junejo (SSP,Sindh Police) Al-Haj Amir Bux khan Junejo (Former-MPA, Sindh) Mr. Abdul Aziz Junejo (XEN-Irrigation ) Mr. Sajjad Ahmed Junejo (Notable of Kakar) Ex Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan and Supreme court Judge Justice (R) Mukhtiar Junejo - *Ali Ahmed Junejo (Ex-District & Sessions Judge & Law Secretary for Government of Sindh and Prominent figure amongs the Junejos of District Badin. Grandson of Rais Hayder Khan Junejo)*Masood Ahmed Junejo (District Public Prosecutor for Government of Sindh and former General Secretary of District Bar Association of Badin. Grandson of Dr. Sultan Ahmed Junejo)* Former Ambassador and MPA Chakar Ali Khan Junejo - * Former Federal Minister for Food, Agriculture and Livestock Khair Mohamed Junejo - * Fiza Junejo The daughter of a former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Mohammad Khan Junejo and herself gifted with noble qualities of head and heart, Senator Fiza Junejo was born in Larkana. - * Roshan-ud-Din Junejo MNA PPPP (Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian) Sindh NA-236 Sanghar III - * Dr Baz Muhammad Junejo:Ex Secretary Live Stock And Fisheries Sindh,Member Local Commission Sindh. - * Dawood Ahmed Junejo: senior police official in PSP group. - * Dr Nazar Muhammad Junejo:Ex Provincial Coordinator National Program For Family Planning And Primary Health Care Sindh,Ex EDO Health Hyd. - * Mukhtiar Ahmed Junejo: senior Excise & Taxation Officer (younger Brother Of Haji Muneer Ahmed Junejo) belongs to Kando Wahan Sukkur . - * Taj Muhammad Junejo: Ex Deputy Commissioner Income Tax. - * Among prominent Junejos are the members of Nawab Jam family (Junejo) of Sanghar are: - * Al Haj Nawab Jam Kambhu Khan: Chief of Samat Tribe (title of Nawab, Khan Bahadur, O.B) - * Sardar Bahadur Nawab Jam Jan Muhammad Khan: (Member Legaslative Assembly,title of Nawab, Sardar Bahadur, Khan Bahadur, O.B.E) - * Nawab Jam Amir
Ali: (Member Sindh Assembly, Former Ambassador to Maldives) Former Chief Miniser of Sindh Late Nawabzada Jam Sadiq Ali, Former Federal Minister Jam Mashooq Ali, Former Senator Nawabzada Jam Karam Ali and Jam Madad Ali Leader of Opposition in Sindh. - - * Khan Bahadur Mohamed Hayat Junejo: of Sanghar District of Sindh took active part in the freedom struggle against the British Raj. Though titled by the British in recognition of his services to the people of his area. He was detained by the British for being an accomplice of the late Pir Pagaro Shaheed. He was also known as the 4th piller of Sindh. - - * Karim Dad Khan junejo: a great personality and a man of honour, was host to the King Hussain of Jordan, Ex prime minister (late)Field Marshal General(R) Ayub Khan and other such personalities around the globe for Hunts at Junejo Estate Sangher. He was one of the hunters of Sindh. Barrister - * sardar Hakim Khan Junejo - * Mohammad Abbas Haider Junejo: A human rights activist and journalist known for his objective documentation of the 2008 Pakistan General Elections. - * Rafiuddin Junejo: A renowned Banker Country Manager Latigation, Habib Bank Limited. - * Mohd Waris Junejo - * Dr. Ghulam Mohammed Junejo: of Mirpurkhas Goth Sain Dino. Former Drug Controller East West Pakistan. First Pakistani Phd in Pharmacology and a successful businessman post retirement from government services. - - * Dr. Khalid Junejo: A great personality and a man of courage, honor and determination. After completing his MBBS studies and practice as a professional doctor, he pursued a career in Business Management and after completing his MBA studies with distinction, he is now working as a head of department in a prominent Oil and Gas Company in Pakistan. His speciality is in Human Resource Management. - - * Dr. Shahid Junejo : A prominent Interventional Cardiologist. After completing his studies from Liaqat Medical College Jamshoro Hyderabad and Dow Medical College, he went to Ireland and UK for higher studies where he made his mark in this field and has become a very successful and famous specialist doctor. He has authored various books and research papers/studies, which are now used as part of curriculum for Medicine studies. - * Zahid Junejo: A renowned banker in the Middle East region. Worked for Citigroup, Samba Financial Group and Mashreq Bank. Country Business Manager for Non-Resident Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman, * Ali Yasir Junejo: CEO of a renowned software company called Techsense (http://www.techsenseltd.co.uk). Ali Junejo has his company offices in Karachi, Pakistan and Milton Keynes in United Kingdom.Techsense computerised and implemented business automation using Oracle at Liaquat Medical University, Jamshoro, Sindh.Mr Abdul Haleem Junejo,his honourable and great personality chief engineer in WAPDA,from distt:Larkana Badah city.

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    Farhat Ali Khan & Parvez Ahmad Khan Junejo who Sons of Chakar Ali Khan Junejo Both are commission Holder one of them DIG in Hyderabad Crime branch. More information to keep you are visit Faraht Ali Jnejo on Facebook

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    we are also belong juneja tribe and we happy to see this our history

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    Im also belong to junejo family, my foether was nawab of kutch(India) and some part of rajistani(Nawab Muhammad ibraheem junej) , more then 300years ago they migrated sindh to kuch and Rajista,my grand father Wali Muhammad junejo came back Pakistan after revolution and settled in kotri district Dadu.it was very tuff time of my family, My father Abdul Razzaq used to be Deputy secretary irrigation and power department,after the death of my father I came in Canada with my family, now I am living in Canada last 18 years, I proud of history.

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    I am Junej

    I'm Juneja. Is there anything common in Juneja's and Junejo? Please enlighten me. Thanks and regards.

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    Iam also junejo and my father name Abdul Haleem junejo

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